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The Draa the longest Valley in Morocco – Where the Dates Grow

In ancient times, the Draa was not a valley, but the longest river in Morocco. Formed by the Ouarzazate wadi and the Dades wadi, it joined the Atlantic around Tan Tan. Since then, the waters of the Draa have only reached the ocean during exceptional floods. If Draa has lost its status as a river, the valley that bears its name has lost none of its beauty. Although the Draa wadi begins in Ouarzazate, it remains invisible for more than 60 km, carving its way into the earth’s crust. You will have to go to Agdz to discover the river and the beginning of the palm grove. This small village marks the true beginning of the Draa Valley. To get to Agdz, and therefore to the Draa Valley, you will have to take the winding road from Ouarzazate to Zagora, perhaps the most beautiful road in Morocco. If the landscapes are arid and bare until Agdz, the rest is really magnificent. The palm groves and cultivated fields seem to extend endlessly, bordered by superb Kasbah and adobe villages. These dwellings made of earth, straw and water are placed high up on the non-fertile land that dominates the palm grove. The most important Kasbah is Tamnougalt, one of the fifty or so that make up this 200 km long valley. Today the Draa Valley has been called the date basket of North Africa due to this stretch of river being lined with terraces of date palms and other crops watered by the river water through a sophisticated system of channels. Along this section of the river you will find numerous fortified villages, occupied by villages who work on the land and live a life that will not have seen much change.