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About us

About us



Marrakechactivities.com brings a dynamic and innovative vision in local tourism. Our business model is based on two pillars, the preservation and enhancement of the uniqueness of each travel experience and to bring the strength of a group to the functions: support, communication, digital, marketing … We are convinced that there is a place for new tourism. Our goal is to build partnerships with tourism providers with high added value.


By engaging in the development of a relevant local tourism offer, we take an active part in the promotion of the English market, its influence abroad and the development of the regional ecosystem. To do this, we have put together a team of travel enthusiasts with state-of-the-art technology and managerial skills, so that everyone can focus on their core mission of satisfying travelers.


Our philosophy is always guided by the search for unique experiences with a strong identity nestled in the most beautiful regions of our beautiful country; the idea being to create a community that is based on human values, we create travel experiences in our own image and that of our partners and travelers. In our opinion the journey embodies the most noble universal values (love, freedom, living together …).


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